AdWords advertisers can use phone numbers & addresses for campaigns

Google has a lot of audience targeting settings within their AdWords tool. For example, you can target users that have been to your website before, which should hopefully have a higher conversion ratio than targeting generic users.

It is possible to use even more targeted lists than this, and for a while now Google has allowed you to upload lists of customers or another proprietary such as newsletters into Google AdWords to target (or exclude) search and display ads to those users.

However, not all of us keep detailed lists of our client’s email addresses, and now Google is accommodating these needs. As of this month, advertisers can upload phone numbers and mailing addresses for Customer Match retargeting and similar audiences.

As with email data, Google attempts to match phone number and mailing address information with user-provided data in Google accounts.

Hashed email addresses and phone numbers are matched up with Google’s own hashed strings to find matches. The matches are then added to marketers’ Customer Match lists.

Advertisers can use Customer Match for targeting those matched customers across all Google properties, including search text and shopping ads, display, YouTube and Gmail. The lists can also be used to create similar audiences for targeting on YouTube and Gmail campaigns.

If you require help with your AdWord campaign, we are always happy to help. We have had extremely successful campaigns with clients running eCommerce store and using Google Shopping.

Feel free to contact us on 01253 963016 or via our contact form.

James Smythe

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