WordPress Core Files Security Vulnerability

Please note, none of our clients are vulnerable to the following security issue In the past few days WordPress has…

4 years ago

Google begins targeting Safe Browsing repeat offenders

Google has announced that it is to boost its Safe Browsing programme by flagging sites which have been repeatedly listed…

5 years ago

The best backup options for WordPress

Following our blog post about the security issues related to Wordpress we thought it would be good to list some…

6 years ago

How secure is your WordPress website and what you should do about it?

Cases of high profile hacks appear to have grown exponentially over recent years and even the largest companies have been…

6 years ago

WordPress websites targeted globally by a botnet

Sites developed with Wordpress have been under attack from a botnet of tens of thousands of computers for the past…

8 years ago

Indian Credit Card Fraud Exposed – Linked to Symantec

  BBC recently did an undercover story uncovering some unscrupulous individuals selling valid UK credit card details. While this is…

12 years ago

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