Ok it has been a long day and I am tired so I may be chatting rubbish, however I was just checking some stats for some clients when I did a search for the term liquidation. The number of results it returned was 3,280,000, I took a screen print of it incase I am actually spelling it wrong or something equally stupid.


Now I made a post on the 10 of October with some of the SEO Results we had recently achieved for some sites. At that time the search term Liquidation returned 29,100,000 results. Er so what happened to the other 25,820,000.

I am not going to do any more screen shots because I am too lazy but some quick comparisons of numbers that are showing for me now.

Search Term Oct 10th Nov 7th
SEO 177,000,000 20,600,000
SEO Company 13,000,000 960,000
Web Design Company 371,000,00 266,000,000
Property Abroad 5,220,000 354,000
Hair Pieces 5,160,000 383,000

I presume this is just a glitch in Google’s information though a few my keywords have jumped from page 2 to page 1. Again I can not be bothered looking into detail if all my sites have been affected and I am sure everything will be back to normal by tomorrow!