Our website has been established for several years however we had done little work on it over the past 2 years due to large work loads and also restructuring of the management. During 2007 we have started work on our new website along with doing some basic SEO both onsite and offsite. As you can see from the positions below we are doing quite well in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) and we hope to improve considerably when we launch the new site.

Keyword Google Position Number of Results in Google
Blackpool computer support Top 10 520,000
Company newsletters Top 10 108,000,000
Networking services Top 10 258,000,000
Sem uk Top 10 8,500,000
Seo companies Top 10 2,280,000
Seo company Top 10 36,400,000
Seo company uk Top 10 4,000,000
Seo services Top 10 66,900,000
Seo uk Top 20 21,300,000
Web design services Top 10 1,260,000,000